Chef Services

Standard service- Weekly, biweekly, or monthly personal chef services featuring 3-5 entrees & accompanying sides. Your meal plan is created a week in advance, we shop on your cook day for the freshest ingredients, prepare meals according to your preferences, and store all food labeled with reheating instructions. All meals are prepared & cooked in your home.

Entree only- Like the standard service but only 5 main dishes. You choose- dinner, lunch, breakfast or a mix. This allows you to prepare your own sides or salads to accompany your entrees. Have fresh meals cooked and prepped ready to reheat.

Fitness or diet meal prep- A week’s worth of meals portioned out for easy dining. We will team up with a local dietitian to offer you a meal plan that accommodates your fitness and diet goals.

Additional Services

Healthy breakfast, lunch & snacks to go!

Special occasion desserts- cupcakes, birthday cakes, pies & pastries

Romantic dinner for two- candlelit dinner with 3-5 courses, served to you table side.

Full grocery shopping- I shop from your list, prep your ingredients, and package them.

Small catered events- family style or buffet service, up to 25 people.

Full kitchen organization- clean, organize, and restock your cabinets, fridge, and freezer!

Vacation package- don’t spend your holiday planning, grocery shopping and cooking. Freshly prepared meals that are prepped, cooked, refrigerated or frozen, and ready to take with you!

Total costs are determined by the type of service rendered, plus the cost of groceries. All services can be altered to fit your lifestyle & budget. Please contact Chef Jess to discuss your needs!